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I’m Princess Donna, porn director and actress. This blog is for all you who want to get to know me better, and who want to see pictures of me and my boobs and my friends and my life. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a more extended bio for those interested…….

Princess Donna Dolore didn’t become one of the top female BDSM directors in the porn industry by chance. It’s nearly impossible to count how many adult films she has directed and/or performed in to date. But it’s clear that she has made her mark, particularly at, San Francisco’s premier BDSM porn studio.

Born in Sacramento, California, Donna attended the Waldorf School where she graduated with honors. While studying abroad in Austria her junior year of high school, a Nan Golding exhibition inspired her to document her own life through photography. Soon she began developing her own prints in a makeshift darkroom. With less than a year of experience taking photos, she was accepted to the photography program at New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, which accepts an average of 12 applicants per year. At NYU, Dolore took a course in Gender and Sexuality that inspired her to combine her studies and pursue a double major in both topics.

Young and naïve, she brought a resume with her dance experience to a strip club, but neglected to bring heels or sexy clothes to strip out of. Quickly learning her lesson, she bought some stripper shoes, a blonde wig, taught herself how to walk in heels, and got a job at a NYC strip club. After tiring of the hustle she was referred by a classmate to, a now-defunct BDSM website, notorious for the extremity of their content. She went in for an interview and shot her first scene that day under the stage name 202; giving models numbers instead of names was a signature of this website. The intensity of the bondage and pain was exhilarating, and she was soon as addicted to working for the site as the members were to watching her on screen. She quickly became a resident model for the site, shooting on a weekly basis as a submissive. It was here that she began to study rope bondage and tried her hand at being a dominatrix and directing for the first time. It wasn’t until she began domming for the site that she took the name “Donna,” inspired by a stripper she had a crush on at her previous job. “Princess” was tacked on when she insisted to be called Princess in scenes (instead of more common BDSM monikers like Mistress, Madame, or Master). Years later she chose the last name Dolore based on a superstition that it was good luck in porn to have your first and last name start with the same letter, like Jenna Jameson.

Upon graduating from NYU Dolore applied for the position of webmaster/director of’s site Despite only having directed a handful of scenes, she landed the job immediately based on her rope skills, natural perversion, and creative eye. She moved to San Francisco to direct and perform full-time just two months after graduating from college. With Donna as the director and main dominatrix for the site, sales quickly rose, and she began developing ideas for new websites.

During her time at Dolore created and continues to direct two top-selling websites for the company:, a website focused on public sex and humiliation, and which explores dark gangbang fantasies. She has also recently taken over the role of director for, a non-scripted girl vs girl sexual wrestling site created by Matt Williams.

In addition to directing, Dolore was the main dominatrix on Wiredpussy for nearly 7 years before passing the site on to Bobbi Starr. She continues to be the main dominatrix for Public Disgrace. She is known for a unique style of dominance. Some would call it quietly authoritative. She says her style arises from the fact that she is not “a dominatrix” but a Princess. Hence the name.

A well-respected director and performer with a reputation for being a responsible, educated, and caring director, Dolore has introduced many models to that otherwise may have never considered being in BDSM porn.  She has also expanded the reach of the company through the creation of her websites.

Though she rarely performs as a submissive these days, she still considers herself a switch. When she does perform as a sub on camera, she sets the bar high. Her recent scenes as a submissive make her one of the highest selling models at

To see her as a dominatrix check out any scene on or

Here are a few recent scenes of her as a submissive……

Princess Donna is one of the main subjects in two yet to be released documentaries: “Public Sex, Private Lives” directed by Simone Grudzen (, and a yet to be named documentary on by James Franco.

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  • Frank

    Hello Princess, i am a huge admirere and a fan of You.. both as Domme and as a Person… i find You very interesting and alittle jealoux of the people You know IRL.
    best wishes and warm thoughts

  • mike

    Love those boobs yes! They’re the best but IM an ass man and i love that ass more, more ass or anal pics Ms. Donna!

  • Tomas Eliot

    I like porn ! period !

  • http://saithhoyosferia saith

    HI sr donna es muy linda y tiene un talento muy grande usted a cambiado la forma de hacer porno y la admiro mucho gracias por su gran dedicacion mil gracias por hacer ese trabajo espero lea esto. GRACIAS