In order to serve me online, have private webcam sessions, phone calls, texting privileges or enjoy the honor of any form of ongoing contact with me you will need to read and agree to abide by my Rules of Conduct & Discipline Protocols.

This is non-negotiable.

All are required to read and agree to obey the protocols and rules below.


  1. I am sovereign. Give up all control and accept your place below me. As the Goddess you worship, the BDSM Master you serve, or both; I am your Boss. At all times you will be deferent and obedient. My pleasure, my happiness and my desires are always paramount. To serve me is to live to please me.
  2. Respect. I expect you to treat me with respect at all times. This means, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Use a title of respect when addressing me. Call me “Goddess Kyaa” not just “Kyaa” when using my name. Other titles such as “Mistress,” “Ma’am” and “Queen Boss of the Universe” are also allowed. Get creative, even. Do not, however, call me “sweetie,” “babe,” or other casual pet-names. Remember, you are the pet and I am the Empress.
  • Do not attempt to tell me what to do. I will do exactly whatever the fuck I please, nothing more and nothing less. Express your desires honestly, beg me to make your fantasies and desires come true. But do not attempt to tell me what to do or how to do it.
  • Being rude, pushy, confrontational or generally disobedient. I don’t find it cute and it won’t get you what you want.
  • There are a few subjects I won’t discuss under any circumstances: Animal abuse, minors, harming other or yourself.
  1. Pay for my attention. Anyone wishing to have direct contact with me must pay for my time and attention. Email is the only free way to contact me and you will be permitted no more than 2 emails before an initial tribute is required. I do not chat on messenger programs for free.  No begging for lower rates, discounts or freebies.  If you have a tight budget, I want you to tell me and I will figure out the best way for you to serve me. I have many forms of payment, so no matter your location or circumstances there is a way to pay me. There are free ways to serve and worship me but you will not be permitted my direct attention.
  2. Honesty is required. While fantasies may be discussed you must always be honest and realistic when it comes to serving me. If you agree to obey a command you must do so with the full intention to obey. Breaking agreements, being late with payments or assignments or failure to comply with commands may result in fines or blocking. If you’re unable to comply with an order you must be honest and direct. Communication is key!
  3. Competent communication. In addition to honest communication, you must communicate competently. This means making a basic effort to type in full sentences, with proper spelling and grammar. If English isn’t your first language then you just need to tell me and I will be patient with communication. Take time with your replies instead of rushing and communicate as competently as you are able.
  4. Feedback is required. Anywhere you are able to leave a comment, favorite, re-post, thumbs up, five stars or otherwise leave ratings, reviews or public feedback you are required to do so. There are many places  you can show your appreciation for me online.  All those wishing to serve me should use the feedback and commenting systems as a way to thank me, communicate with me, and encourage others to serve me. Make sure to leave 5 stars and a comment whenever you are able!
  5. Consent. Never expose your genitals to me without my express permission. No dick pics, chastity photos, nudes or otherwise graphic sexual images or videos may be sent to me or posted as a comment on my content unless I have given my direct consent.
  6. Accept the consequences. If you break one of my rules I will discipline you. This isn’t a sexy or fun type of punishment. It is serious and important that you follow any instructions you are given. If you are disciplined for breaking rules it is imperative that you comply immediately or you will face permanent blocking. See the Discipline and Blocking Protocols below.


When a rule is broken you will be punished. I may punish you in a number of ways, not limited but including; levying fines ranging from $5 to $100+, assigning tasks, a lecture to teach you the error of you ways (which you will pay for the honor of receiving) or simply being ignored.

I will inform you that you have broken a rule, what rule you broke and what your punishment will be. After which you must obey my commands carefully. Failure to comply with punishments will result in blocking.


If you fail to comply with punishments or break any of my rules repeatedly/severely enough you may be blocked. This means I will block direct contact and email from you will be forwarded directly to junk.

The only way to be unblocked is by paying a non-negotiable $100 unblock fee. This may be send tribute using any of the websites listed under my acceptable sites list. Then email me at, include the words “unblock fee” and the site you used to send payment.

If you break my rules again after being unblocked you may be blocked again and I may refuse to accept any additional unblock fees.

I may decide to permanently block you if you are continually unable to follow my rules or at any time for any reason I deem fit. Tread carefully, otherwise you may be banished and never allowed to have personal contact with me again. Serving me is a honor not a given privilege.

For those preparing to contact me for the first time you must fully read and agree to comply with my Rules of Conduct. In your initial contact with me you must confirm you have read my Rules of Conduct and agree to them fully.

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